Feelings Practitioner Core Lab


April 20 - April 23

Gabrielnia, Poland


Gabrielnia 7
26-200 Gabrielnia, Poland


Polish, English




for Polish participants


For people from D, A, CH

Meals and lodging extra.

Info & Registration

Wanda Kuch

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Self-efficacy for holistic health - the beginning


Discover your emotional body and your very own healing powers!

Your emotional life is the key for healing and development - for both yourself and your clients.

During Feelings Practitioner Labs you will discover where live and nature need conscious support so that self-healing can take place. You will experience the wider context of your individual symptoms all the way to the collective level.
A Feelings Practitioner Lab can be part of both your personal healing journey and a professional education or training.
Health practitioners, psychotherapists, medical doctors and physiotherapists who are inspired by Possibility Management expand their abilities to initiate healing in the physical body by consciously involving the emotional body
• Possibility managers who sense a calling to be a healer are supported to set out on this path.
You will experience new dimensions of healing when dealing with symptoms such as sleep disorders, joint pain, grinding teeth, allergies, back pain, nervous disorders, allergies, inflammation, digestive disorders and many more…

The Feelings Practitioner Core Lab is the gateway to the Feelings Practitioner path.

In this 4-day training you will learn the core distinctions and core processes of Feelings Practitioner work. This training allows you a paradigm shift in dealing with illness and health. It provides a profoundly new perspective on symptoms, invites you to create an evolutionary healing field, introduces you to working with feelings and resonance tissues, to Feelings Practitioner emergency medicine and much more...

The prerequisites for the Feelings Practitioner Core Training are the Expand The Box Training and ideally two to three Possibility Labs where you have acquired a solid foundation in emotional work. The Feelings Practitioner Trainer Team is happy to advise you.

If you would like to get to know this work first as a client, take the opportunity to• participate in a “Clients’ Day” being an integral part of Feelings Practitioner Labs or• arrange a one-on-one Feelings Practitioner session with the Trainer Team (live or online)