Wut Workshop


April 14, 2018 @ 09:00 - 18:00

München, Germany




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Thomas Stehle


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Klaus Strese

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Activate your inner warrior power

This training is about strength and power that lies in the responsible anger.

Maybe you also know the resistance to give room to your anger.

Or you may think I'm never angry, I'm in control. In our culture, it is not sociable to be angry. We often get involved a lot and do not dare. And when we feel anger,

Let's put the lid on it and it takes a lot of power and energy

Cover to cover. After some time, you might give up in resignation and explode again you like a quick cooker that has no valve and leaves a pile of shitin your relationships or in your environment.

Another way is to responsibly use your warrior power of anger to:

• To say a real yes or no

• make clear decisions

• set limits

• to be authentic

• Get rid of old ballast

• to live integrity

• Start something and finish something

• to get clarity and express it

• to live self-determined

• Have high level fun