Dragon Time for Women


September 5, 2020 @ 10:00 - September 6, 2020 @ 16:00

Planegg, Germany


English, German


for women only



plus room/board

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Patrizia Patz

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A research space for women around 50

Around 50, women reach a special age - in indigenous cultures they would be counted among the wise "Elders". Our modern culture, on the other hand, offers no comparable appreciation of the qualities of the elders. Rather, there they are counted among the "old iron". No wonder, then, that we try to appear young for as long as possible: We dye gray hair and try to counteract physical changes with hormones. In this way we cover up the power that is actually slumbering and could awaken within us. And many of us feel hot and cold in the process.

  • How does it feel deep inside you?
    Your body reacts differently than before. At the same time you feel a new strength growing inside you. It is elemental and uncompromising! You no longer feel the need to function, to adapt and to meet the expectations of others.
  • Are you perhaps afraid of what is brewing inside you?
    You have so much to give, nurtured by the experience of your no longer short life.
  • What do you want to do with this power now?
    Because now the journey can take a new turn. More than ever, you are setting the course yourself.
  • How does it work: to embody the quality of the elders in a culture that idolizes youth?
    In this respect we have few or no role models! And we can create a vision, grow into it - and thereby become role models for women younger than us...

In this research space "Dragon Time" there is space for dangerous questions. Together we will find out how we can take possession of these new qualities of womanhood in a healthy and powerful way.

Free yourself from the limitations of patriarchal conditioning through conscious feelings work! Say goodbye to your old self and make space for the gifts of the wise woman within you.

It is the time of the harvest and the joyful contribution!

Women's Training with Dagmar Thürnagel and Patrizia Patz

5/6 September 2020
at Spielraum, Heimgartenstr. 1, 82152 Planegg;
Saturday, 10 - approx. 18 hrs / Sunday, 10 - 16 hrs

Previous participation in Expand The Box / Basics in Emotional Work is highly recommended.

Investment: 390,- €