1. Online Possibility Team


September 20, 2018 @ 19:30 - 22:00

via ZOOM


English, German


You can make a donation afterwards, if you found the evening was useful.

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Lebe deine Berufung!

Patrizia Patz

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Something completely different is possible – right NOW!

So why not an Online Possibility Team? I definitely want to find out what will happen if we get together across the local borders. Let’s see how big the network becomes.

And for those of you who do not know it yet, the Possibility Team is a space in which, as a group, we support each other with the possibilities that are needed to bring about positive change in our lives – regardless in which one field (relationship, vocation, health, habits, behavior patterns). We use the intelligence of the group and the powerful tools of Possibility Management, and at the same time we practice applying them. Together, we continue to research the topics that are important to us and make experiments in a safe space. We practice authentic communication and give each other feedback and coaching. Possibility Team also provides support in realizing projects and visions that meet your purpose.

Depending on the composition of the participants, the evening will be held in German and/or English.

Participation fee:Participation is free and you can make a donation afterwards if you found the evening useful.

Registration:Write a short email to komm@lebe-deine-berufung.de

I’m looking forward to you and to the experiment!