Emotional Empowerment Lab


July 28 @ 07:00 - July 30 @ 17:00

Steinhagen, Germany


English, German




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Patrizia Patz

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Emotional Empowerment Lab #4 - Creating relationship

This trainbing is about healing your relationships. How are you in relationship - with yourself, with others, with the world? As long as you "react" in relationship unconsciously and irresponsibly, you usually create pain through projection and Low Drama. By examining your automatic relationship patterns, healing old emotional wounds and training new ways of interacting, your ability to relate consciously and responsibly will grow and produce different results.

In these 6 different module trainings you will step by step tap into the authentic power that is naturally within you and is waiting to finally be kissed awake. Together as a group we will work on the very issues that usually prevent us from coming into our adult, responsible power and greatness. Through exercises, emotional work, group and individual processes, we tear down the walls and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your true BEING.

Prerequisite is the previous participation in the Expand The Box Training!

This is part of a series of 6 module trainings within the Emotional Empowerment Program and the Power of Purpose Program. You can also participate in single modules without attending to the whole Program.

Modul 1 - Unfolding the power of conscious feelings
Modul 2 - Integration of light and shadow
Modul 3 - Growing up
Modul 4 - Creating relationship
Modul 5 - Consciously taking possession of life
Modul 6 - Becoming your destiny in action