Possibilitator Skills Lab


September 6 @ 07:00 - September 10 @ 17:00

Kawęczyn, Poland


Gościnna 20
05-555 Kawęczyn, Poland


English, German, Polish




VAT included

Sliding scale starts at 450 Euros for Eastern and Southern European. Sliding scale starts at 650 Euros for West-Northern European, UK, USA, NZ. Room and board extra.

Anne-Chloé Destremau


Info & Registration

Ewa Wichmann

Gabriela Klara Kowalska

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What is a Possibilitator Skills Lab?

We are a global Team of Edgeworking genius-types on the Path of becoming fully effective Possibilitators.
Together we are healing and transforming our Inner Structures to consciously collaborate with Gaia AND learn the skills of delivering what we came here to create.
Possibilitator Training is a Gaian Gameworld.

The purpose of Possibilitator Training is to heal and empower each other enough to build out and occupy the infrastructure of next culture - archiarchy - the regenerative cultures that are emerging now that matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course.

This Path is rich with challenges, deep dives into yourself, authentic connections with highly motivated Team players, learning so many things you never knew you did not know about.

You will be Upgrading Human Thoughtware starting with your own, delivering Processes for others both on this Path and in life, and building bridges to archiarchy - 'next culture' - by bringing to life your own Gaian Gameworlds.

In a Possibilitator Skills Labs, you will:

  1. Build skills in holding and navigating Transformational and Healing spaces by being in situation of holding and navigating space with ongoing support and coaching
  2. Unfold the parts of your Spaceholder Being that you maybe not know about
  3. Heal your Hidden Competing Commitments to your authentic Adult Presence to emerge
  4. Discover your own Specialty: the Nonmaterial Value specific to your Being to deliver to your Village
  5. Join a Team of fellow experimenters and spaceholders from around the world. If there is something that we need on the path of Evolution as a spaceholder are friends and colleagues.