Possibility Lab


June 15 @ 07:00 - June 18 @ 17:00

Gemeinschaft Schloss Glarisegg
Steckborn, Switzerland


8266 Steckborn, Switzerland


English, German






VAT included

You are choosing the tuition in that range in own responsibility. Lodging and shared food cost in addition.

Lisa Ommert


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Georg Pollitt

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What if you could develop all the powers needed to fulfill your vision?

Schwertarbeit P-Lab Feb. 2017 in Flözlingen

As humans, we have many abilities and resources (like feeling powers, control over the own thoughts, energetically navigating spaces, making distinctions, perceiving with all four bodies, telepathy, creating relationships and cleaning up relation fields, shifting spaces, navigating attention, navigating consciously relaxed through chaotic fields, working together with Bright Principles ...). All these are like seeds inside of us, waiting to be unlocked, sprouted, and owned fully through specific initiation processes so that they are available for us as a developed adult for our life creation. That is what happens in Possibility Labs.

It's not so easy to explain exactly how that is working, especially because it's each time different - that's what makes each Lab uniquely fresh and alive.

Or saying it differently: In Labs you change your relationship to inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes. Through approaching your essential inspiration and applying practical tools and techniques of Possibility Management, you pave the way for reviving your true vocation, no matter how big your vocation is. We unlock and develop together your already existing potential which is just hidden beneath conditioning, customs, assumed circumstances or fears.

It's a common experience that your sense of space and time is vanishing while you are completely living in the moment learning effectively to fly.


When What
7:00 - 22:00Day 1 to 3
7:00 - 17:00Day 4