Setting Boundaries – Creating Clarity!


November 30, 2019 @ 09:00 - 18:00

Die Werkstatt
Donauwörth, Germany


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Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt


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Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt

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To live a powerful life, be effective and create fulfilling realtionships, it is absolutely necessary that you are abel to set boundaries, create clarity, make decisions, take a stand for yourself and be centered, instead of behaving adaptive and pleasing other people. All this becomes possible when you consciously reconnect to your original power of anger and learn to use it consciously and responsibly. Our culture describes rage as dangerous, uncontrolled, loud and destructive. We have learned to suppress this feeling, because angry people are considered to be irascible, unprofessional, hysterical and certifiably insane. Most of the people have lost the connection to this source of clarity. As soon as anger arises, it rather feels like the anger owning us instead of us owning the anger. However, rage is a great power inside of you, which can serve you as valuable source of energy and information. This feeling is not a design error of the universe. You need the power of anger!

Would you like to open a new chapter in your life and learn to integrate again the power of anger consciously in your life and use it for yourself? Then be part of the workship and experience the clarity and energy anger provides for you to create and live a powerful life and fulfilling relationships.