Rage – Discover Your Warrior Power – FOR WOMEN


October 13, 2018 @ 09:00 - 18:00

Die Werkstatt
Donauwörth, Germany


English, German


for women only


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Viva Essenza

Nicola Nagel

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Our culture describes rage as dangerous, uncontrolled and destructive. We have learned to suppress this feeling, because angry people are considered to be irascible, unprofessional and certifiably insane. However, rage is a great power inside of us, which can serve us as valuable source of energy and information. We need rage for example to set boundaries, bring about conscious change, make decisions, express clarity and go forward. But we don’t learn anything about this in modern society. We don’t learn anything about the incredible warrior power inside of us. We have lost the connection to this source of clarity. If anger arises, it rather feels like the anger owning us instead of us owning the anger.

Would you like to open a new chapter in your life and learn to integrate again the power of anger consciously in your life and use it for yourself? Then I invite you to take possession of the warrior power inside of you and to experience the clarity and energy it provides for you.