Claim your Hidden Powers – your Force’s DARK side


March 4, 2018 @ 09:30 - 16:30

Second Story Studios, Woom Room
Collingwood, Australia


159 Sackville St
3066 Collingwood, Australia





322 AUD to Claim both your Dark and Bright Forces by attending both workshops on this weekend; please consider also workshop on 3 February 2018

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Stacia Karina Beazley

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Both forces are in you - not only in a galaxy far far away - the Dark side and the Bright side! Stories full of proof are found everywhere in the world.

This day is about your Dark force. It has tremendous powers, if you are willing to explore and use it consciously and purposefully. It's core is an amazing creative energy that has the capability to venture where your Bright side would not so easily dare to go.
If denied or neglected your hidden powers will leak out sideways, undermining your relationships and efforts in life, obvious as unwanted results. If you meet your shadow side and start to integrate it consciously this power will support your Bright intentions and help you transform your life.