Presence Journeyer Training


November 1, 2017 - November 5, 2017

Artzentales, Spain




VAT included

You assess the amount of your personal training fee between 650 and 950 Euros. Room and board extra.

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Andrei Iuroaia

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5th Body Training

We humans are more complex than modern culture teaches us. At a certain point in your personal growth a hunger may develop for non-superficial connections.

If you keep yourself busy merely surviving there is no time or energy to explore further. But even if you have the wish, make the time, and free the energy, you may still lack the skills for going deeper, higher or farther. New skill, tools, and maps of the territory may also be needed...

What else can happen after one says, “Hello,” to another?

Since presence and intimacy can only happen NOW, who can you be that is more present in this NOW?

Presence offers an endlessly mysterious journey. How does presence extend vertically into further possibilities? How can two people journey there together?

How does presence depend on being centered, being radically responsible, and being in reality?

What parts of a Being can connect?

What to do with numbness, fears, and blocks? What if old wounds or traumas are triggered… what if insecurities and grief or fears arise… What then? Can these finally be healed and give way to deeper connections?

Can Presence Journeys create more resilient and dynamic Beings with a capacity for more presence together?

We say yes. We claim that preparations, practices, and skill-building are keys to entering whole new domains of relational satisfaction.

We say pre-cognitive and non-verbal hurts may be limiting your capacity to connect and these can be transformed into gateways. We say whole new options arise when you are met where you are and when you learn to meet others where they have heretofore been hiding out. Such skills form the basis for a lifetime of astonishing and fulfilling Presence Journeys.

We practice together for 5 days.