Money – Heart Project – Manifestation


October 23, 2017 - October 26, 2017

Finca C’an Corem
Campos, Spain


English, German, Spanish




Room & Board


per person/night

Down Payment 150 Euros. The rest is payable according to personal Balance Point.

Andrei Iuroaia


Marion Callahan


Info & Registration

Rudolf Lenz

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Money – Heart Project – Manifestation

for Possibility Managers


  • Are you looking for fulfilling your vocation and engaging in a meaningful project?
  • Do you know your project in your heart and doubt if it is possible to manifest?
  • Do you believe that your project might fail because you can’t get the money for it?

If these kinds of thoughts circle in your mind, then this workshop is for you.


We will shine a light on the project and the deepest dreams that make your heart sing. You will learn how to invite, welcome, and manifest the money that goes along with implementing the project.

The workshop will be experiential in the most vivid sense. We invite you to join and break through whatever is holding you back from manifesting those dreams that hold your precious gifts for the world!


The course will be in English, with translation support for German and Spanish if necessary.


Upon registration, your seat is reserved with a down payment of 150 Euros. You will pay the rest of the fee after assessing your personal balance point, which you will reveal to yourself during the workshop using tools that you will learn there.

Room & board is between 35 and 45 Euros per night and person (depending on the type of apartment and number of people staying together) and is payable before the workshop starts.

After registration, you will receive a logistics letter with further details.

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