Rage Club – Use the sword of clarity


June 16, 2018 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Seattle, United States



Anette Schuster


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Lebe Freude

Anette Schuster

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Rage Clubs are transformational meetings of 6 to 12 people with a spaceholder.

Our culture describes anger as dangerous, uncontrolled and destructive. We have learned to suppress this feeling because angry people are described as out-of-control, unprofessional, and incompetent.


Anger is a great power in us that can serve us as a valuable source of energy and information. We need anger, for example, to set limits, to consciously bring about change, to make decisions, to express clarity and to move forward. But we are not educated about how to do this in our society. We learn nothing about the grandiose warrior force in us. We have lost the connection to this source of clarity. When we feel angry, it usually feels like rage dominates us rather than us ruling over the anger.


Would you like to open a new chapter in your life and learn to consciously and responsibly integrate the power of anger into your life and use it for yourself? Then I invite you to regain possession of the Warrior Power within you and experience the clarity and energy it has in store for you.


Who is Rage Club for?


For people who never or rarely feel their anger.

For people who often feel their anger, or for people whose anger is seething just below the surface, ready to explode.

For people who want to experience the energy and information of their anger creatively and develop more assertiveness.

For people with enthusiasm for innovation and a spirit of discovery.


What will you get out of Rage Club?


You learn to reconnect with the power of your anger in a safe space and consciously express it.

You gain clarity about how your anger serves as a constructive source of energy and information both privately and professionally.

You learn to set powerful limits that do not have to be loud.

You learn to move from uncertainty and 'maybe' to formulating a clear 'yes' or 'no.'

You learn that your anger immediately strengthens clarity for decisions.