Vibrant Womanhood – Requiem for a lost child


July 26, 2020 @ 09:00 - 18:00

Stuttgart, Germany




for women only



Nadine Süß


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Nadine Süß

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Lost a child? Unfulfilled desire to have children? - Give the secret pain spac to heal!

*** Workshop Cycle Vibrant Womanhood ***

There are topics that are usually not talked about - except perhaps in the inner family circle. A child dies during pregnancy or is aborted. A couple tries in vain to become pregnant, but do not succeed. Usually the couple somehow tries to cope with it on their own - with the anger, with the grief, with the pain of disappointment and loss. Often the relationship breaks  and nothing is the way it was before. Do you know what that's like? The others don't find words and you don't find a bridge to them. The pain adds up and gets no space to heal. To survive, you hide it deep in your heart and involuntarily go into isolation to continue to function somehow.

It is time to face these taboo subjects in the circle of women and to speak out openly what still needs to be said, heard and appreciated. It is time to overcome the fear of contact. Together we use the power of conscious sadness to say goodbye, to mourn, to forgive and to transform pain into  aliveness. Find out that you are not alone in this, but that other women who have experienced similar things are only an arm's length away from you.

Logistical information about the workshop:

Duration: 1 day, from 09:00 to 18:00
Costs: 180,00 Euro (incl. VAT, plus lunch)
Dates 2020: 25.07.2020 (Munich area), 26.07.2020 (Stuttgart)