Gaia Is Hiring UnConference

Special Event

August 30, 2018 @ 09:00 - September 2, 2018 @ 17:00

Polling, Germany


English, German



plus room/board

A minimum of 150 € will will be due with your registration for reserving your seat. In addition, you can choose your own individual contribution during the event. Kid <14 pay only room & board.

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Sonia Willaredt

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Gaia Is Hiring UnConference

Join the team of planet Earth!

Our current culture and worklife is working with an economic system exploiting people and nature and it is based on the principles of competition, infinite growth and profit maximization. It is time to fundamentally change this hostile and suicidal paradigm. GAIA IS HIRING is a worldwide movement committed to a meaningful culture in harmony with Poeple and Planet Earth. Together we find new ways, launch projects and connect like-minded people. Together we change the world! Are you in?

If your destiny is to make your talents available in service to the blue-green planet GAIA – whether you are already doing it or not – then the UnConference is an event where you meet like-minded people, get to connect, and start or collaboratively expand projects together. For 4 days the UnConference offers sufficient space for exchange, mutual inspiration, and whatever else wants and needs to emerge.

Goals of the UnConference – your personal benefit and the benefit for the community

As a participant in the GAIA UnConference you get the possibility to…

  • connect, exchange and network with like-minded and -hearted people and be part of a growing community
  • to start or further develop heart projects together to bring your vision alive in the world and take concrete action
  • be encouraged and inspired through the exchange of experiences and already successfully implemented projects
  • be in deep, personal contact with GAIA and to learn how to listen with your heart and soul to the message she holds for you/us
  • learn to follow the calling of GAIA, to show up with courage, to take action, and to be the change you want to see in the world
  • identify your self-made limitations and overcome them with the support of the group
  • discover how you can work in the service of GAIA, live your vocation, and contribute to ecological and social regeneration
  • contribute to sustainably change old cultural conditioning and toughtware (e.g. related to work, money, survival) so that evolution (personal and collective) becomes possible
  • take steps into the unknown together with the group and experience emergence, so whatever the time is ripe for can evolve
  • participate in the (r)evolution of the working world, to re-think and re-design it in a way that the focus is not on „earning money to survive“ but on „living your vocation in service to GAIA“
  • engage in collectively healing old wounds that were caused by a culture of domination and exploitation
  • and much more!

Impressions of the last UnConference