Possibility Lab – Focus Outdoor


July 12, 2018 - July 15, 2018

Seminar Farm Inner Nature
Loitzendorf, Germany


English, German




VAT included

You assess the amount of your personal training fee between 650 and 950 Euros. Food and location fee extra.

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt


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Viva Essenza

Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt

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What is a Possibility Outdoor Lab?

Far away from technology and the bustle of everyday life as well as the usual structure of training rooms, this extraordinary Possibility Lab creates a training space for your inner nature. It is a journey towards your inner Earth center that connects you with the beauty and wonder of nature. Making contact with Gaia, consciously feeling the power of nature again, healing the fear of loss of technique (technopenuriaphobia), arriving within yourself and at the same time discovering new territroy with a great team. All this and much more is possible in the Outdoor Possibility Lab. For 4 days and nights we live together in nature and experience its incredible abundance and variety. We sleep under the sky or in the forest, cook our meals ourselves at a fire place and learn together to use the gifts of nature. Just like regular Labs, the Outdoor Lab offers brilliantly-clear and profoundly-safe rapid-learning, transformational-healing, and adulthood-initiatory spaces. Are you ready for this adventure?

Please note: To join the Outdoor Lab, it is necessary to participate first in an Expand The Box Training and at least one regular Lab.