Playfight Immersion Switzerland

Special Event

April 30, 2020 @ 17:00 - May 3, 2020 @ 16:00

Alt Üetliberg, Zurich
, Switzerland




English, German


Regular Fee


Reduced fee


The prices are for the Immersion fee only. For the accomodation you can choose among 3 options - 175 CHF for tend/van 200 CHF for shared room 375 CHF for private room

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Matteo Tangi

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Playfight is a physical practice where we use our strength consciously to awaken and work with our inner warrior.

The connection between Playfight and Possibility Management is strong. The  PM pillars such as being centered, awakening of our feelings, authentic communication, conscious gremlin feeding and spaces to nurture our Being, will all be present during the Playfight Immersion.

Ready to activate the Warrior, the Magician, the King/Queen and our Healers within your body?

Welcome to the Playfight Immersion, the 3-day training where you'll have the opportunity to dive in the art of Playfight and explore the therapeutic potential of this Practice.
Open to who is new to Playfight and to has experience with it, we will be a small and intimate group of participants, working together to explore our bodies, emotions, boundaries and experiencing the tribal way of bonding that Playfight can offer.
Participating to this event opens you the door to take part to the advanced training where you can learn how to become a Certified Facilitator.

It's a powerful practice to rediscover yourself and regain consciousness about your movements, your playfulness and conscious strength.
This unique lineage of bodywork developed by Matteo Tangi, aims to develop your physical and emotional intelligence and connect with others in an authentic, primal and wonderfully human way!
More info about Playfight at

Arrival: Friday morning or Thursday evening Ending on Sunday 3/05 at 16.00

From the 3rd to the 5th there will be the Facilitator Training where one can learn the most important elements to be able to offer safe and empowering Playfight circles!

Matteo Tangi is the initiator of this Lineage of Playfight. His work is rooted on many years of therapeutic work on emotional/relational and body/movement level. He's work supports individuals to experience themselves undomesticated, free of conditioning and, at the same time, aware and responsible of themselves.
With his guidance Playfight becomes a safe container where individuals can unfold and explore their limits, heal old traumas and transform blockages, stuck energies, fears and frustrations in pure force for the daily life.

The Fest will happen in Alt Üetliberg  a peaceful and pristine venue just 10 minutes from Zurich

Full board Prices:
- Tent/Camper: 175 CHF
- Shared room: 200 CHF
- Private room: 375 CHF
(Prices per person including 3days/3nights + vegan food)

A basic understanding of English is requested for the participation. Translation in German (and Swiss German) it's available.


"I do bodywork, dance and martial arts since years but this is something new. Matteo's Playfight is beyond my expectations. In 3 days of Fest I went deep within myself and felt bonded and supported by a group of people I didn't know before. Incredible" Paulo, 38yo, Portugal

"I wish I knew this practice from before. Session after session I could re-learn to set boundaries and to use my feelings! I'm looking forward to do this with my children as soon I'm back home" Ana, 43yo, Germany

"Matteo has a great capacity to listen what the group and each individual needs. The way he leads is soft and warm but clear and sharp at the same time. I felt safe to explore beyond my comfort zone the all time". Mario, 56yo, Italy

See you at the Immersion!