Possibility Women’s Lab – Focus Outdoor


August 19 @ 07:00 - August 22 @ 16:00



English, Portuguese


for women only




VAT included

You assess the amount of your personal training fee between 450/650 and 950 Euros. Room and board extra.

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Joana De Brito Cruz

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Welcome to Women's Outdoor Lab

Completing Expand The Box qualifies you to attend the Possibility Labs. In Possibility Labs you change your relationship to inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes. Through approaching your essential inspiration and applying practical tools and techniques of Possibility Management, you pave the way for reviving your true vocation, no matter how big your vocation is. Possibility Labs provide a safe space for your ongoing initiation into responsible adulthood and into a purpose-driven life.

There are issues and processes you can only experience as a woman in the circle of women. Therefore we offer women’s Labs and men’s Labs in addition to the mixed Labs.

Rediscover the magic of life!

Since many of us have grown up in a mind-dominated patriarchal environment, we are forced to sacrifice the female magical access to the world. During the Women's Outdoor Lab you can experience your access to female magical abilities, ancient healing arts and initiation rituals in the midst of inner and outer nature, beyond the hectic and stress of everyday life, and explore your own individual magical abilities and gain more clarity about them.

This Lab has a different pace!

We will spend the night outside under the stars, prepare our food over an open fire and actually reconnect with the circle of women and the magic of life. With no agenda and no time pressure, we will move through different energetic spaces to always do exactly what is next.

In this extraordinary Lab we, Patrizia and Michaela, open our magical treasure chest and our insights, from over 25 years of metaphysical study in different traditions and secret teachings. The best thing is to register right now. The number of participants is limited to 18.

It makes sense to participate at least in 1 or 2 mixed Labs before attending to a women's Lab.

Here are some impressions of the first Womem's Outdoor Lab in 2017: