Wild Men’s Lab


June 1, 2018 @ 07:00 - June 3, 2018 @ 17:00

Herdade do Coelho
Ourique, Portugal




for men only




VAT included
accomodation and food


Depending on the number of participants

For men living in low average income country (example Portugal, Romania, etc) a lower sliding scale starting at 450€ is available on request.

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Matteo Tangi

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Why a Wild Men's Lab?

We live in a society that domesticate us. It lock us in cages of beliefs and ideas of how Men should be.

A constantly growing number of Men is confused, lacking of raw model. The old picture of the patriarchy doesn't fit anymore in a world of growing consciousness, but then what else?

Wild Men's Lab is a Possibility Lab dedicated to Men. Where we will have the occasion to start from scratch.
To clean from our field old stories and start slowly to rewrite new ones. The one we wish to live.
To cultivate our own authentic picture of masculinity, to relax in our vulnerabilities, to find support in the brotherhood, to connect with Nature.

This and much more in a 3-day Possibility Lab dedicated to Men.


Are you willing to look at the stories you have about what does it mean to be a man? And look at how those stories are stopping us from be yourself?
This might concern the relationship with other men, the competitivity, the relationship with women, the sexuality and the allowance of being weak and vulnerable.

Like in any Possibility Lab, we will use our feelings to dive into ourselves, we will give space to Rage, Sadness, Fear and Joy.
There will be space for personal processes and healing old traumas.

In a Men's Lab we will specially focus on patriarchy.
What are the apparent benefit that patriarchy give to us, to men, and what are the things we are giving up in order to have those benefits?
What are the shadows and the bright sides of the collective masculine?
What does it mean a sustainable masculinity?
How does female and male energy co exist in the men and how to find a healthy balance between them?
Those are some of the questions we will look at during the Lab.

On top of this this is going to be a Wild Men's Lab, that means that we will integrate specific practices oriented to undomesticate ourselves.
To move from a Box oriented behaviour to a conscious behaviour.
Instead of doing or not doing something because they told me is wrong, how can I actually decide in each second out of my will. Not my Gremlin, not my Box but my will. The one that contain all those forces.

Wild Men's Lab is an occasion to discover yourself, free yourself and Celebrate yourself, as a man and as human being.