Possibility Lab – Focus relationship


March 7 @ 07:00 - March 10 @ 18:00

Monte Orada
Odemira, Portugal


English, German




VAT included

You assess the amount of your personal training fee between 450/650 and 950 Euros. Room and board extra.

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Matteo Tangi

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A special kind of a Lab

Relationship is not something that you have but an ongoing creation. So which kind of relationship do you want to create? Your box does not care about being in relationship. It wants to be right, cultivate expectations, and react according to the early conditioning imprinted in your cells granting your survival. It’s painful to discover this fact.

Yet, you are not your box. Nor is your partner. What do you need so you can say „I can be myself and be totally fulfilled in my relationship“? As there are a lot of inherited conditionings from society regarding “being a man” and “being a woman” that need to be uncovered and healed, we start the Lab in two separate spaces – a male and a female space – before we all come together on the third day. You will research – personally as well as on an archetypal level – how you can be with the other from your authentic being. It might happen that your ability to be in relationship finally gains ground – and that you learn how to fly at the same time …

The Lab is for both singles and couples.