Time for Femininity

Special Event

June 4, 2020 @ 08:00 - June 7, 2020 @ 17:00

TfF Bern
close to Bern, Switzerland


close to Bern, Switzerland


English, German


for women only


Training Fee


incl. VAT


Anne Schmid


Nicola Neumann-Mangoldt


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Anne Schmid

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To love yourself as a woman is essential for living a fullfilling relationship and sexuality. But how do you get there? In modern society the topics of femininity and sexuality include a lot of taboos and limiting beliefs that have been handed on over generations and oftentimes prevent natural love for oneself.

In a protected women's space we explore the original facets and qualities fo the inner goddess and feminine sexuality. Together we journey to the deeper treasures inside of us that want to be retrieved. The more you learn to relax into your inner abundance, the richer and deeper your life becomes and the more fulfilling the moments of intimacy get. With care we share our personal experiences, heal old wounds, remember our deepest longings and transform outdated mindsets and beliefs so that the sensual goddess in you can radiate.

Look forward to a journey towards yourself with devotion, tenderness, flow, being with, healing and radiance...and all this in a playful, vivid and open circle of women!