$ 650 - 950

(If you are born in Costa Rica, the sliding scale starts at 265$.)

Info & RegistrationJeff Shub

ejeffreyshub@gmail.comt+1787 525 4742wjanuaryseriescr.mystrikingly.com

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What is a Gameworld Builder Training?

Next Culture is being created by Edgeworkers, those courageous people building Gaian Gameworlds. Each person has a piece of the puzzle. Your job is to build and inhabit the cultural territory that has never been occupied before and yet turns you on. If you build it, others will come. If you do not build it, they have no chance.

Gameworld building can be the greatest joy, yet not knowing the practicalities of doing it well can be very painful. Together we will empower each other to succeed and practice exercises including:

Gameworld Builder Training is an intense skill-building and context-shifting training. It is designed for people who are building or wanting to build a Gaian Gameworld.