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VAT included. Sliding Scale - you choose freely according to your commitment, your appreciation, and your resources. Room and board extra. If you are living in and traveling from another country, a different tuition might apply - please ask on registration.

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What is a Heal From School Lab?

You carry wounds from being in public school, ranging from being adaptive, disavowing your own authority, refusing to be creative, and holding on to negative assessments from testing and teacher's comments as voices in your head. These impressions and experiences stay in you for the rest of your life and shape what is possible for you, until you do the adult and archetypal healing and initiatory processes that change your wounds into gateways.

What most people learn in school is that they hate learning, cannot write, despise math, and fail on purpose to succeed because when you win it means others must lose.

You are forced to survive in a school culture and cannot begin finding out who you are or what you really want until you get out of school.

Through specific, strong, transformational, healing and adulthood initiatory processes you can heal from school and enter Life.

"Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more 'respectful' teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children. Many 'well-adjusted' adults are bitter, uncreative, frightened, unimaginative, and rather hostile people. Instead of assuming they were born that way, or that that's what being an adult entails, we might consider them as people damaged by their education and upbringing."

- Keith Johnstone

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