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Info & RegistrationPatrizia Patz

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"The magic that a Possibility Management Trainer uses is invisible to the eye. And yet it can be learned!"

What often seems so light-footed and spontaneous from the point of view of the participants in PM Trainings actually comes from the ability of the trainers to keep an intensive space so safe and at the same time in the not knowing over several days, that the transformation can happen for the participants which is possible and necessary for them. Once this ability has become your nature, it is invisible - apart from the results it generates.

This trainer magic is based on a variety of learnable skills, tools and distinctions, as well as a mature and stable trainer matrix built up during your personal initiation in the PM context.

Here you can learn and train these skills - so that you can use them in the spaces you hold. And these don't necessarily have to be the standard PM formats. Many trainers develop their own training formats or combine PM content with other content. Others need the trainer skills for their work as a leader, coach, teacher or activist. It is about developing and building your individual trainer matrix.

Prerequisite is previous participation in the Expand the Box Training and in at least 3 Possibility Labs.