What are Shadow Principles?

What are Shadow Principles?
February 24, 2017 Super Admin

Shadow Principles are archetypal forces of nature. The overriding Shadow Principle is Irresponsibility or Unconsciousness. Irresponsibility is unconsciousness in action. During our research, it has become obvious that each of us has a resonance to serving three to six Shadow Principles. The Gremlin thrives in the service of Shadow Principles. Unless we become conscious about which Shadow Principles we are serving we will have no other choice than to keep serving them unconsciously.

Unconsciousness prisms into a rainbow of Shadow Principles including Revenge, Hatred, Survival, Betrayal, Being Betrayed, Superiority, Manipulation, Blame, Deception, Exclusion, Disempowerment, Good / Bad, Arrogance, Disrespect, Scarcity, Competition, Being Right, Self Pity, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Sneaking, Resentment, Making Wrong, Withholding, Domination, Contamination, Separation, Right / Wrong, and so on.

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