What do you mean by Stellating?

What do you mean by Stellating?
February 24, 2017 Super Admin

Stellating means to change from a planet into a star. A planet absorbs more energy than it radiates. A star radiates more energy than it absorbs. Human beings are designed to live as stars: creating, designing, exploring, producing, generating, and so on. Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware has us living as planets: consuming, imitating, criticizing, giving our center away, being adaptive, feeding off of the responsibility of authority figures, and so on. You can learn and practice with upgraded thoughtware to possess your center, to take responsibility for responsibility, and to become the source of resources. Stellating would naturally occur during initiation work that you are ripe for at about fifteen years of age, but this maturation process is not provided by ordinary Western culture.

The process of stellating requires that you experience and express one hundred percent maximum intensity of each of the four feelings (anger, sadness, fear, and joy) intentionally until you discover that although the energy of the feelings is big, you are bigger. Then for the rest of your life the energy and wisdom of your four feelings is available to you, and your feelings start informing you in very low intensities about what you need to take care of, rather than thinking something is wrong with you because you are having a feeling.

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