What is Initiation?

What is Initiation?
February 24, 2017 Super Admin

Initiation is a transformational experience that expands your capacity to be responsible. Responsibility is consciousness in action. You can also say: Responsibility is applied consciousness. During our 40 years of research, development, and delivery of Possibility Management we have discovered two astonishing relationships between initiation and authentic adulthood.

  1. Human beings do not become adults through getting older. Human beings become adults through formidable adulthood initiatory processes delivered by already-initiated adults.
  2. Initiation into authentic adulthood is not a one-time ritual but rather a lifelong series of step-by-step expansions of awareness, capability, and responsibility.

We have practical proof that human beings can connect into far more powerful internal and external intelligence and energy resources than modern education has ever led us to believe. We are so happy to discover this because it makes life more surprising and dynamic than surfing Facebook.

Here is a video list of 150 initiatory processes.

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