What is the Box?

What is the Box?
February 24, 2017 Super Admin

The Box is the term that assembles ego, belief system, worldview, mindset, comfort zone, psychology, personality, defense strategy, and identity into one easy-to-engineer construct.

The field of Box Technology explains how we each build a unique Box for ourselves out of stories, habits, interpretations, meanings, assumptions, attitudes, prejudices, customs, conclusions, beliefs, rules, and other thoughtware, with the overall purpose of assuring our own survival. The Box filters everything we can perceive and everything we can express.

The Box is meant to be transcended during our late teens and early twenties like butterflies escape from their cocoon, but making the Box optional requires formidable and authentic adulthood initiatory processes. The patriarchal empire eliminated initiations long ago, probably because initiations identify psychopathic personality traits. The result is that persons holding leadership roles in modern culture’s hierarchies are uninitiated, operating from within defensive-purpose Boxes that must be right and win or else they feel life-threatened. The result, of course, is interpersonal, intergender, intercultural, and intergovernmental war.

The Thoughtmap of Box Technology turns out to be one of the most powerful tools from Possibility Management, explaining the relationship between the Box, the Being, and what might actually be possible right now.

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