Who is a Possibility Manager?

Who is a Possibility Manager?
February 10, 2017 Super Admin

If you can produce the results of a Possibility Manager, then you are a Possibility Manager. Some of those results are that your buttons cannot be pushed anymore. You would be in peace with your parents, teachers, peers, and human beings in general. You would be using thoughtware that comes from the context of radical responsibility. You would have stellated your four feelings. You would have taken your shadow world into possession so it doesn’t own you anymore. You would be centered and grounded and speak with your own voice and authority. You would live in a context where you don’t get to blame anyone else for anything anymore. You would have left the survival level with regards to money, and your main purpose would not revolve anymore around having to make a living. You would be doing what you came here to do and what inspires you 24/7. You would make this world into a better place.

And since Possibility Management is not about mastery or being perfect you would be called a Possibility Manager once you have graduated from Expand The Box training and continue to walk your path of authentic adulthood initiations.

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