The Possibility Management Trainers want you to know that we are here for you. In our recent conference calls, what we most-intensely shared about was our concern for being responsibly present. Like us Possibility Managers you are a member of the global community – and we are with you in this radical global-change process. We can train together conscious feelings, clarity, possibility, and love… even by video calls. You can reach out to us through the Trainers page.
The unexpected time and space you may have now might be perfect for unfolding your next steps, shifting into your true calling, or catching up with yourself, none of which are guaranteed to be comfortable. You do not need to do it alone. Check out our Calendar to see which offers are still announced. Don’t hesitate to decide what you want to do and to go into contact for registration or information even not knowing if it can happen at all. Until then and beyond, this could also be an opportunity to join one of the Possibility Teams (many are online now).


Look at how you think. There are always new options to choose from.

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Do you want to approach Possibility Management with your intellect first?
You are welcome to read the books, watch videos, read articles and blogs from Possibility Trainers, register for the news, or do experiments called SPARKs.

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  • In a world rapidly exceeding politically-denied limitations, those who see what is actually going on are perceived as the enemy. How can you continue being yourself in a system that reacts as if your uniqueness is a dangerous virus? How can you deliver the services you came here to provide if your true calling is neither recognized nor understood?

    For 40 years the first explorers of Possibility Management seriously asked these questions. By now there are enclaves around the world who have freed themselves of the self-crippling thoughtware provided by the modern patriarchal empire. By pursuing your own way of initiation you gain more and more freedom to make your very own contribution to a world that you want to live in.

    Clinton CallahanOriginator of Possibility Management

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