Next Culture Tribes

Community Building in the Context of Possibility Management

Next Culture Tribes
January 13, 2017 Marion Callahan

From 10-12 February 2017 we will meet in Southern Germany with those who want to found a locally rooted and yet widely connected community, in which people actively use Possibility Management as a context for self-development and learning.

In these three days the 4 initiators Marietta Schürholz, Stefan Ackermann, Margit Gröpel and Ulf Gausmann intend to co-create in a Lab-like format what it needs to manifest this vision in the physical reality in 2017.

Let us come together, create the context and manifest the place. Let us set the sails! Harbigarrr!!!

Please find further information and the contact details on this flyer.

We look forward to meeting you,
Marietta, Margit, Stefan and Ulf

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