True Love in Everyday Life

One-Day Workshop on February 4th, 2017 in Southern Germany

True Love in Everyday Life
January 13, 2017 Marion Callahan

Can a relationship really be heaven on earth or is it an ongoing steeplechase? Can it work out with man and woman, or is it wishful thinking, which is always financed by big compromises?

True Love in Everyday Life is a regular training space for people in a relationship. In the context of Possibility Management and with Clinton Callahan’s book of the same title the wisdom of the group will be used to practice and co-create new possibilities.

On Saturdays (as stated below) from 9 am to 6:30 pm.

Dates: 4/2/17, 4/3/17, 8/4/17, 20/5/17, 8/7/17 (1. Cycle)

Responsible Spaceholders: Marietta Schürholz & Stefan Ackermann in cooperation with Martina Unger, Klaus Strese and alternating trainers from the PM Trainer Guild

Further Information, Registration & Contact:, +49 (0)160-7522716,

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