Your Invitation to the UnConference
"Gaia Is Hiring"

25-28 May 2017 in Lenzwald, Southern Germany

Your Invitation to the UnConference “Gaia Is Hiring”
January 13, 2017 Marion Callahan

If your destiny is to make your talents available in service to Gaia’s blue-green planet – whether you are already doing it or not – then the UnConference is an event where you meet like-minded people, get to connect, and start or collaboratively expand projects together, and make a living out of it. For 4 days the UnConference offers sufficient space for exchange, mutual inspiration, and whatever else wants and needs to emerge. Become part of the team of planet Earth and reinvent the work environment with us!

Puls der Erde e.V. will host the event at Lenzwald near Mühldorf am Inn, southern Germany.

If you are interested in being part of the UnConference from 25-28 May 2017, please go to for further information and registering.

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