Approaching the UnConference
"Gaia Is Hiring"

25-28 May 2017 in Lenzwald, Southern Germany

Approaching the UnConference “Gaia Is Hiring”
April 18, 2017 Marion Callahan

It gets exciting at the end of May. This is when the GAIA IS HIRING – UnConference takes place at Lenzwald in Southern Germany. This event means a lot to the initiator Patrizia Servidio:

“I dream of a world in which people live their vocation, that is, in cooperation with each other and in alignment with planet Earth. Did you ever think about having already applied with your birth on this wonderful planet for a job in the GAIA team? What would happen if we take on this perspective rather than following the normal path and doing a job in a company which doesn’t care about the future of humanity and the planet?

In the following video, Katharina Kaifler interviews Patrizia Servidio to learn how the idea for the UnConference came up and what you can expect there:

Have fun watching!

Upon registering for the GAIA IS HIRING UnConference you pay 150 Euros to secure your place. According to the model of shared economy we will present the overall expenses for this event transparently during the UnConference as well as suggest an average participation fee. In the course of the UnConference you get to assess and donate your own individual contribution, which feels coherent for you and the big picture.

To register please go to

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