Depression Is A Mixed Feeling

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Depression Is A Mixed Feeling
February 13, 2017 Clinton Callahan

Here are 2 perhaps quite useful bits of information for anyone thinking about depression:

1. We’ve been discovering (in our 40 years of experimentation in Possibility Management) that depression can be experienced by mixing two feelings together, anger and sadness. If you want to have the experience of depression, mix sadness and anger together. If you don’t want to have the experience of depression then start using the New Thoughtmap of Feelings (where there are no positive or negative feelings and where feelings are neutral useful energy and information for leading creative and productive adult lives) and go through the 20 minute process of separating feeling sad from feeling angry. Unmix the feelings.


You cannot do this in your mind. You can only do it in actuality, in your body, with your energetic fingers reaching deeply into your chest and separating what seems like a mess of red spaghetti (the anger) from blue spaghetti (the sadness). It’s a loud process and it hurts like hell, like tearing out fish guts. If it is not loud and does not hurt like hell you are not actually doing it, you are thinking about doing it.

In the end, after the twenty minutes of crying and yelling (which is best done with a space holder at your side, not alone trying to navigate your own transformation) you have pure rage in your right hand which is very useful for making boundaries, making decisions, saying “Yes” or “No,” and asking for what you want, and pure grief in your left hand which is very useful for sensing your alignment with your own vision, being true to yourself, letting go of your old self-image, letting plans change, acceptance, connecting heart to heart with others, and having authentic compassion.

There is much more about this kind of stuff is in the book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and (for those of you who like action learning) in Expand The Box training.



2. Now comes the part that’s a bit weird, but only weird if you think “God stopped creating on the 6th day…” I am speaking about the Theory of Parasitic Entities, best described in SPARK 135. I’ll just tack in on here in case anyone is interested. It has already changed a number of people’s lives. Including my own.

(By the way, S.P.A.R.K. stands for Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge. In SPARK 135 it is helpful to take heed of the “radical” part…)


DISTINCTION: It might not be about your parents – the Theory of Parasitic Entities.

NOTES: This may be one of those SPARKs that is a little too weird for your Box to wrestle with right now. If so, fine. Store it away in your mind for later. On the other hand, this SPARK could be a game-changer. I am betting on the latter.

Did you ever notice how, even after all these years of personal development work, getting good with your parents, taking responsibility for your life, learning to be centered, observing yourself, there are still times when you feel exhausted, cranky, depressed, overwhelmed, resentful, or in the swamp? You may think that if you could just solve some vague problem these states would go away. Did you ever have that?

This SPARK suggests that perhaps these states do not originate in a childhood trauma which will vanish if treated with psychology, drugs, beer, or one more workshop. Maybe something entirely different is at work here, something for which modern culture offers few if any useful distinctions.

If you remember that the universe is made up of 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy, it becomes easier to imagine that there exist whole domains that modern culture does not understand. In other words, the physical universe that we think shapes our lives constitutes less than 5% of the actual universe. This means 95% of what currently affects us is completely beyond our grasp.

This SPARK presents the Theory of Parasitic Entities, which suggests that if you examine the intergalactic food chain, human beings are not at the top. Even in the organic world the food chain is more like a food web, where top predators such as humans are also fed upon by much smaller and simpler organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, toxic wastes, and advertising memes.

The Theory of Parasitic Entities suggests that not all life forms in the human food web have physical bodies. Many exist as dissipative structures, that is, as structures that are sustained by energy flowing through them (such as a tornado, a memory, or a culture). This was described by Ilya Prigogine, a Belgian physical chemist, in his Theory of Dissipative Structures, which incidentally won him the Nobel Prize in 1977.

Vortexes in the General Field of Consciousness produce consciousness singularities, some of which sustain themselves by sucking energy out of organic life forms. When groups of parasitic entities band together and you drop your defenses, the lunch bar opens, and you allow them to feed on you. Your feeling-awful state is the experience of being fed upon, and it lasts until the entities get full, burp, fall asleep, and release you. Then through sleep, sunlight, breathing, drinking water, exercising, and eating, your energy level gradually builds up again.

For most people the low energy state ends all by itself, because nothing else they try can stop it. When the entities get hungry again, or a different group of hungry entities comes along, a trigger in you lowers your defenses again, then slurp, gulp, yummy-yummy, and during hours or days your energy is drained. The bigger or more developed your being is, the more attractive and tasty a meal you become.

Alcohol is a trigger that quickly and thoroughly calls an entity to feed on you. One sniff is trigger enough (see the film Flight with Denzel Washington). The alcohol thing is a different SPARK. The kind of trigger I mean here is a thought that you validate with events you see happening around you to prove that the thought is true.

Some of the thought-triggers we have so far discovered are: I am alone. You are abandoning me. I am not useful. You don’t love me. They get to and I don’t. You exclude me. You get to express your feelings but I don’t. You think I am stupid. You make no place for me. It is all too much. I can’t protect myself. I’m not good enough. It is hopeless. Recognize any of these? What others do you have?

When you indulge in one of these thought-triggers it rings out like a dinner bell, an incantation that calls in vampire entities for a free lunch. The reason you have arranged to have entities suck out your energy is that if you had that much energy you would use it to change something in your life. Until you are initiated as a Trigger Hunter, you believe your Box when it says you won’t survive if something changes. Calling in entities to suck out your energy for change is a survival strategy.

As you navigate bigger projects so as to fulfill your true life tasks it eventually becomes necessary to close the entities’ lunch bar you can use your energy for something else. That time for you may be now. They are ready.

EXPERIMENT: PHASE 1: Become a Trigger Hunter. Your greatest success will be finding the first trigger. Until you catch and write down your first trigger, do not even read PHASE 2. To catch the trigger, stay in the joyful present for weeks on end and the moment your dark mood starts to appear pay total attention. Notice the moment you enter that irritable, crushed, grouchy, going-alone-into-my-cave state, and in that instant catch the associated thought. Just before your mood shift there was a thought which you confirmed to be true with evidence from your immediate surroundings. Isolate that thought. Follow the sensations back to the instant your state began. What just happened? What did you conclude from what happened? This concluding thought is your trigger. Write it down now. By listing the exact trigger in your Beep! Book you go to the next level of this game. After writing it down read PHASE 2.

PHASE 2: Identifying the triggers that you use to call in parasitic entities gives you the option of shutting down the restaurant. If you understand these words you have gained the capacity to change your feeding agreements.

When you are ready to shut down the 24/7/365 all-you-can-eat Entity Diner, the procedure for doing that is formal and goes exactly as follows. This works best if you are actually in the overwhelmed short-fuse mood that indicates a feeding is happening right now. Find someone to be spaceholder for you. Your spaceholder should read the following instructions to you. You simply repeat what they say out loud, and then tell them what you see or hear in response.

Again, this procedure works far better if you speak the words out loud, and if you have at least one other person holding space for you. THE SPACEHOLDER INSTRUCTIONS ARE CAPITALIZED.

STAY STANDING. SLOWLY AND FIRMLY READ OUT LOUD THE FOLLOWING ITALICIZED WORDS TO YOUR CLIENT: Please sit down. Take a deep breath. Keep your eyes closed. Use your clicker (meaning snap your fingers once each time) to get centered, to make your bubble, and to make your grounding cord. What color is your grounding cord? IT COULD BE ANY COLOR. Thank you.

Please take a deep breath. Now firmly say to the entities which are feeding on you, “Hello Parasitic Entities.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS, THEN EXPLAIN: Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. It is usually a group of entities that becomes visible, although it could be just one, or the group may have a dominant leader. Stay in contact with the entities while you briefly report to me what you see. LISTEN.

Now tell the entities, “For a long time I have been providing you with a regular meal of my life energy.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS UNTIL THEY SAY IT. THEN ASK: How do the entities react? LISTEN. THEN EXPLAIN: Keep watching the entities while listening to me. Usually the entities are anxious because you can see them, but they are listening to you. WAIT A FEW SECONDS, THEN SAY: Use your clicker to create an energetic sword of clarity pointing at the throat of each entity, even if there are many. You may look like a Hindu god with so many arms and swords, but that is required now. There is no need to attack, only to be attentively holding your swords and to be present.

With your swords of clarity pointed at their throats, firmly say, “Up until now feeding my energy to you has worked for me. I wanted to do that. But now I have changed my mind.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY THIS, THEN CONTINUE. Say, “I have learned many new things, and I have received new instructions, so this agreement is over.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY THIS, THEN CONTINUE. “This restaurant is closing. You may no longer feed here.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS WHILE THEY SAY IT, THEN EXPLAIN: Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. There could be any kind of reaction right now. Mostly they will try to get you to fall back to sleep, to forget this conversation, to get distracted or confused, or to go into your head and experience disbelief. Don’t do any of that. Just stay in unwavering attentiveness towards all of them. Watch what happens. PAUSE A MOMENT. They may be behind you, above you, or under you. They may move or stay still. Stay in the present. Stay centered. Keep breathing. Keep your swords pointed at each one, but do not attack. Report what you observe in a brief statement to me. LISTEN.

Now ask them, “Do you have to compete with other vampire entities to get enough food for yourselves?” WAIT A FEW SECONDS, THEN SAY; “What do they say?” LISTEN, THEN EXPLAIN: Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. This is an amazing question, because on the one hand, you express care about their future well being. On the other hand they reveal to you that they are not afraid of starving. There is plenty to eat from sucking the life energy out of the many other available humans on Earth. They may be sad that they must go because you were a particularly tasty meal for them. But they already know it is a natural process for a human being to gain enough awareness to discover that the parasitic entities are there, and enough conscious will to decide to close the restaurant. Notice that the entities are okay with moving on. WAIT A FEW SECONDS.

Take a deep breath and say these words, but not with anger or aggression, only with firm clarity about making the change happen now, “Alrighty then. Out with you. Be gone. Skedaddle. Leave me now and never come back.” WAIT A FEW SECONDS. It is like talking to puppies or cockroaches. As the last entity goes out, shut and lock the restaurant door. Slide the bolt. Reverse the OPEN sign so it reads CLOSED. Turn out the neon sign. WAIT A FEW SECONDS. Keep your attention on the entities while listening to me. Take another deep breath. Stay fully alert. Scan what is happening outside the restaurant and briefly report this to me. LISTEN FOR A FEW SECONDS. Sometimes one or two of the entities hang around out front for awhile thinking you might change your mind. Stay resolute and clear that the restaurant is closed for ever. WAIT A FEW SECONDS. Take another deep breath.

WAIT A FEW MORE SECONDS, THEN SAY: When they have gone, take a deep breath, keep your swords at the ready position, and slowly open your eyes. WAIT A FEW SECONDS, THEN SAY: This change is complete.

Thank your spaceholder.

PHASE 3: From now on regard yourself as a Trigger Hunter. This has been the initiation of taking radical responsibility for what you feed energetically. I think this Theory of Parasitic Entities could replace a lot of psychotherapy, brain drugs, hospitals, and prisons, perhaps even war.

During the coming months you may discover a few more triggers at unexpected times. In any instant you feel like you are sliding into that exhausted, frustrated, passive-aggressive, overwhelmed state, hunt the trigger. Get the exact wording of the thought. Write it down on your list of triggers in your Beep! Book.

Be sure to celebrate with other people each new trigger that you capture, and ask if they have captured any. These are warrior and warrioress stories.

Keep hunting triggers both in yourself and in others, and stay aware of the roving bands of hungry parasitic entities. Soon you will notice that since your restaurant is closed they pass you right by and don’t even bother knocking anymore.

Being a Trigger Hunter is perhaps a change in your usual self-image, a new dimension in your life. Let it be that way, and have Fun!


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