Facing Into The Storm

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Facing Into The Storm
February 15, 2017 Clinton Callahan

It’s a tough situation, wanting to expand and clarify your understanding in a culture that thrashes you daily with a tornado of news and advertisements trying only to keep you weak and confused. What can you do?

There are deep fears to deal with. Fears that arise if you take back enough authority to choose options from beyond modern culture’s thought limits. The old fears are about being singled out and killed for being different.

Not long ago there were 700 years of Inquisitions in Europe. If you were labeled a troublemaker the Church could take away all your possessions and kill you in front of your family and friends in the worst possible way.

Most of us are descended from those who could hide from the consecrated murderers. That is why the first thing your Mom teaches you is how to pretend to be normal; otherwise what will the neighbors think?

Is that all there is then, to obey your Mom? To stay safe and invisible so you can hide out and survive? Where is the life?

If you are reading this you already know you have a storm inside! It is a storm of passions, a storm of truth, a storm of outrage at the broken and deranged hierarchical systems hijacked by psychopaths, because psychopaths are best at doing whatever it takes to climb the ladder and grab more power.

Your inner storm already sees how dire and precious the human situation is on Earth. There is much learning happening now, but still so much to change. How will this turn out? What is your part in it? How can you influence the outcome? Ride the storm…

The storm is outraged! It does not want humanity to die off from being as stupid as bacteria, overpopulating until we suffocate in our own poisons. The storm seeks a future where love is happening freely, where the brightest possible potentials grow to glorious fruition through creatively helping each other so finally the storm itself can come out and play unbridled.

Being civilized means your spirit has been broken. But is your spirit really broken? Or are you just hiding out, waiting for your time? How much longer will you wait? What if your time is now?

I was 23 years old, nearing the end of my college years, feeling the frustrations of the storm inside me which had never been let loose, never seen or spoken too. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Since no one would release the storm in me I would do it myself, without permission. I faced into the storm and let the winds themselves throw me where they would.

The storm-winds first threw me in front of 75 people one evening at a university meeting in 1975. I invited people to co-organize learning what we really wanted to learn. These weekly meetings are still blossoming around the world today, 40 years later, now called Possibility Teams.

After a couple of decades we figured out how to build and navigate a space that was safe enough for new storm-riders to hatch. Spirit could break free of inhibitions using effective new skills based on 45 upgraded thoughtmaps.

This transformational environment works like an alchemist’s oven, like Hogwarts, like a free-school for Culture-Shift Agents, Pattern Breakers, Evolution Architects, Bridge Builders, Transformational Theater Witches, Peace Makers, Element Shifters, Guardians of the Earth, Possibility Managers, Economy Innovators, Truth Sayers, Initiation Facilitators, Life Lovers, Wound Healers… every new profession that is needed now.

We call that transformational environment Expand The Box. The training does not develop your personality. Instead it alternates between pressure and vacuum in order to establish a gap that permits a freedom of movement between you and your childhood survival strategy. In this gap between your Being and your Box the storm is set free. An inner force of consciousness gives wings to the yearnings of your heart and soul.

I love Expand The Box training. I love the Possibility Labs that come after it. I love Possibility Management and the context this whole gameworld emerges from: radical responsibility. I love them because they lead to a world of cultures I would love to live in.

It won’t help if I try to explain what happens in Expand The Box. If I succeeded you might think you understand what happens at Expand The Box, and you can’t, because it is transformational. Transformation cannot be understood, or it would not be transformation.

So instead I will tell you a few things Expand The Box helps prepare you for, to give you some idea of its scope and scale. Expand The Box replaces your flat-world map about feelings with a round-world map so you learn inner-navigation and can find and open your Pearl.

Your Pearl is a nonverbal message that you made for yourself, a grapefruit-sized ball that you hid at the center of your own soul before you were born. It waits patiently there until you grow internally curious enough to discover the Pearl’s existence and slide open the three layers of its treasure map to receive its communication. Did anyone ever tell you about your Pearl before? I doubt it. Most people never discover and open their Pearl, so they meander through life wondering what life is all about. What a waste!

After you open your Pearl, then what? How do you get the energy and clarity to bring your instructions to life? Again, the 3 to 5 day Expand The Box paves the way by turning on the sleeping archetypal structures in your chest. They are asleep because you are not initiated.

Your archetypal energy and intelligences are designed to be turned on during initiatory processes into adulthood. Modern culture banned authentic initiation 6000 years ago so your archetypes remain un-ignited. This makes you easier to subdue.

Part of your energetic body is an archetypal warrioress (or warrior), ready to step forward and hold space for all your possible projects, ready to say “No!” – because unless you can deliver a determining “No!” or “Stop!” any “yes” you say is a lie.

The warrioress thrills to fulfill noble commitments, to stand and speak for your values, to make real changes happen. The warrioress, like the lover, the magician, and the queen (or king) archetypes, cannot take action until their batteries are installed when your feelings energies are turned on. Expand The Box gets your feelings and your archetypes ignited, for real, forever.

One thing remains: to realize that no one can do Expand The Box for you. Even more interesting is to realize that no one can stop you from doing it. Now that you know this, let the storm begin.


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