Feeding Your Heart And Soul

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Feeding Your Heart And Soul
February 15, 2017 Clinton Callahan

Are you a soul person or a heart person? Here is how to tell the difference.

Modern culture is missing a thought-map. A missing thought-map can undermine your relationship or your career the same way that a lack of Vitamin C can give you scurvy. This article provides the missing thought-map along with practical ways to improve the quality of your life.

This article will address how you think. The way you think influences how the world works for you. A simple example is to remember that the way you think is what makes the world appear flat or round to you. When people upgraded their thought-map from flat-world to round-world, it was not the world that changed! It was only our thought-map of the world that changed. The new thought-map gave us new possibilities for creative action because we do not interact with the world as it is. We interact with our thought-maps of the world. What this means is that by getting a new thought-map you get a new world. Welcome to the method of Possibility Management.

To be a little more personal, it is your thought-maps that make your partner look tantalizing or repulsive to you, that make your children or your boss appear to be geniuses or little demons, that make sudden healing processes possible or impossible for you, and that make a universe of opportunities visible or invisible to you. If you are willing to let your thoughts go in new directions and to allow energy to flow in new patterns through your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies, then your thought-maps can upgrade.



The missing thought-map that this article addresses is the practical distinction between your heart and your soul. The distinction starts quite simply: you have a heart and you have a soul. Your heart is centered in and connected to the sensation of your physical body. Your heart speaks in the language of feelings, interfaces with Masculine and Feminine Archetypes that are greater than you, and is nourished by intimacies, appreciation, communication and respect.

Your soul, on the other hand, encompasses the whole of you. It surrounds you in its radiance. Your soul is connected with your destiny, speaks in the language of clarity, vision, and inspiration, and interfaces with Principles that are greater than you. Your soul is nourished by love, creation-ecstasy, projects, artistic expression, adventurous challenges and discovery learning.

As you can see, the heart and soul require completely different kinds of foods. Since Western culture ignores the distinction between your heart and your soul, you could well be confusing the two and may have an imbalanced diet of heart and soul food. Your heart may be starving, your soul may be starving, and either could be ill from trying to survive on the wrong kind of nourishment.



Which type of person are you? Do you feed your soul? Or do you feed your heart? Here is how to tell the difference:

SOUL PERSON: You are inspired by your work and joyously serve your clients, the community, or the world at large through your projects and your creations. You are so inspired by your work or your art that you wish there were 48 hours in a day. Hunger and exhaustion are a nuisance that interferes with continuously learning about and doing what you love to do. You have an endless abundance of enthusiasm for your projects. Family and relationship seem like slightly depressive distractions. Your soul is constantly feasting and you assume this is sufficient for life. You do not really need anybody. “Doing nothing” kind of drives you crazy. You ignore your heart, or you absent-mindedly expect your heart to feed on soul food. You are a soul person.

HEART PERSON: You are overjoyed with a warm inexplicable fullness getting together with your partner, friends and family. Your happiest moments are being in close intimacy with people, not particularly doing anything. All the busy activities around projects, business, making things happen or “changing the world” seem like a bothersome swarm of mosquitoes. A good latte macchiato in a café is far more attractive. You do not really want to leap out of bed and go out to wrestle a destiny in the world. Why bother with all that? Your heart is constantly feasting and you assume this is sufficient for life. You are not moved to accomplish anything big. Fussing around with challenges and visions seems like foolhardy insecurity. You ignore your soul, or you absent-mindedly expect your soul to feed on heart food. You are a heart person.



Here is a big clue to becoming a HEART AND SOUL PERSON: “A man gives his heart to the woman who he loves, but a man gives his soul to his destiny. If you try to make him choose [between heart and soul], you might just end up with a man who is not a man, can’t you see?” Song lyrics by Lee Lozowick. (This message applies equally to women!)

As you may know, where your attention goes, your energy flows. To better balance your heart and soul, start putting your attention in new places. It takes conscious effort to put your attention in new places, but the new thought-map about heart and soul will help you tremendously. Here are some experiments to try:

IF YOU ARE A SOUL PERSON: Start giving yourself heart food. Make hours and hours of time to discover what it is to be intimate with your partner, your children, even your boss. You do not yet know what joy this is. Over the years your heart may have hardened itself against admitting that it feels what it feels. Go to trainings or workshops that support you to learn “inner-navigation” skills of intelligently feeling and using the energy and information of your feelings to communicate with your partner. Your first step may be to ignore your reasons to never be vulnerable again and to choose a partner to be intimate with. Another step may be to go through deep emotional healing to encounter the moments you hardened your heart, and consider that since you now live in new circumstances, you could now make new decisions, decisions that open your heart to intimacy. Relationships do not thrive on love. Relationships thrive on intimacy. Learn to tolerate the intensity of feeding your heart when simply being-with your partner. Your guideline is: Let it in.

IF YOU ARE A HEART PERSON: Start giving yourself soul food. Throw your fears back into your childhood past where they come from and dare to open one ear to the voices of your destiny. Your destiny calls to you in quiet moments, begging you to live fully through bringing your vision to life in the world. You do not yet know what joy this is. No one can see exactly like you do what is possible. What you see needs to be done in the world is a task on your personal workbench. Go for it, even if your friends think you are nuts. To let your destiny die unborn is one of the saddest losses to the spirit of the world. Your soul does not thrive on security. Your soul thrives on creation-ecstasy – love in action. Learn to tolerate the intensity of risking complete failure in your attempts to bring the impossible to life. Your guideline is: Have fun!


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