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Next Culture Shaman
February 15, 2017 Clinton Callahan

Modern culture has excluded professions vital to any village culture, including the shaman. A culture serves materialistic and superficial aims when the nonlinear arts have been banished. Next culture, archearchy, the culture that comes after patriarchy and matriarchy, is rapidly emerging beneath the media-radar around the planet. Because next culture emerges from the context of radical responsibility and is centered around authentic ongoing adulthood initiatory process, the function of the next culture shaman is different from the traditional shaman. The difference is that a traditional shaman does the work for the client. The next culture shaman empowers clients to do the work on themselves.

The procedures developed over millennia by indigenous human beings for initiating adolescents into adulthood involved moving a person’s assemblage points.

I take the term assemblage point from Carlos Castaneda who heard it from his teacher Don Juan Matus, the Yaqui Indian shaman-sorcerer. Don Juan explained that an assemblage point is a juncture about the size of a tennis ball where the flux lines of energy-at-large are turned into sensorial data so that individual perception occurs.

I use the term assemblage point to mean the juncture through which everything-that-can-be-taken-responsibility-for connects to the context a person uses to establishing their self-experience.

The context into which an assemblage point is anchored establishes a person’s relationship to that thing. For example, whether a person takes responsibility for the actions they make while serving in a military force, or assumes that they are free of responsibility because they act out another person’s will and are only following orders, depends on which context their assemblage point is anchored into.

During initiatory processes, a person’s assemblage points are moved. In indigenous cultures, the sorcerer-shamans move an initiate’s assemblage points away from the context of their mother and weld them into the context of their culture’s traditions. In this way, each man or woman of the tribe knows for certain what they should wear, do, say, eat, and avoid at each stage of their life. They know the taboos and the legends, and as a result they duplicate the village culture, continuing to do things the ways they have always been done. Following the one-true-right-way assures the continued survival of the tribe and its culture.

This indigenous initiation strategy works marvelously when environmental circumstances are stable and when the culture is creating a bright future for its people. In the early 21st Century western cultures, neither of these cases is true. You live in rapidly changing circumstances (exceeding Earth’s carrying capacity 1985, passing the methane clathrates tipping point 2003, peak oil 2005, global storms, desertification, expanding ocean dead zones, Greenland ice tipping point 2013 leading to 7 meter sea rise, uncontrolled use of depleted uranium weapons contaminating the Earth for tens of thousands of years, to name but a few…) in a culture hijacked by psychopaths who, not-surprisingly, fail to create a bright future for humanity. An entirely new form of adulthood initiatory process is called for. This is why it is welcoming news that an entirely new form of adulthood initiatory process is provided by Possibility Management, radically responsible thoughtware.

Possibility Management initiations are archearchal rather than ancestral in nature. That is, Possibility Management initiatory processes come from the root context of the culture of archearchy. Archearchy is archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men. Rather than the feminine dominating the masculine as in matriarchy, or the masculine dominating the feminine as in patriarchy, in archearchy the initiated adult feminine and masculine augment each other’s inherent value for the benefit of all.

The context of archearchy is radical responsibility. Possibility Management is the thoughtware, tools and processes that emerge when practically applying radical responsibility.

In terms of shifting from the childhood survival strategy perspective to the initiated adult living perspective, formidable initiatory processes are required. Modern patriarchal empire banned initiations 6000 years ago. Archearchy brings them back and puts them at the center of the culture, letting every other aspect of the culture frame itself up around the ongoing adulthood initiatory processes which simultaneously provide decision making, healing and transformational processes, and entertainment.

How do archearchal initiations work? They work one tiny step at a time. They start where you are. They take you through the door that is in front of you. Even if you see the door, even if you understand the door, you can’t go through the door until you are at the door. Archearchal culture initiations become a life-long path of development. On the one hand, you cannot do the initiation to yourself, so you continuously require the collaboration with others. On the other hand, there is no top end. There are no Possibility Management gurus or masters. You don’t get black belts or dans. You don’t get merit badges or stars to wear on your chest. Depending on the thoughtware you are actually using and the functionality of the energetic matrix you have so far built, the next initiation for you is obvious. And after awhile it starts becoming obvious that the universe does not waste your potential. It puts jobs for you to do on your bench. They may look too big or too complex, but in the eyes of the universe you can do the job or it would not give you the job. You can trust the universe’s trust of you. Rise to the occasion. The jobs are initiatory gameworlds for you to continue to expand in.

Each archearchal initiation moves one or more flux filaments mentioned by Don Juan. Each flux filament mentioned by Don Juan Matus is associated with a specific quality for which it is possible to take responsibility. For example, you can take responsibility for actions, inactions, incomplete communications, time, possibility, beliefs, rules, commitments, opinions, voices in your head, feelings, emotions, reactivity buttons, intention, attention, assumptions, expectations, decisions, declarations, vulnerability, presence, boundaries, agreements, your energetic center, your rules-of-engagement, your life-vision, your is-glue and is-glue dissolver for making and changing stories, your Bright Principles, your Shadow Principles, your relationship with the presiding deities of spaces and so on. Each quality or aspect of life is a strand of flux. Right now you have each flux strand consciously or unconsciously anchored into a specific context. You may not even know what context that is. It may not be the context you prefer. It may be a habit, leftover from childhood.

In childhood you decided to do whatever it takes to live. You reflexively anchored any flux strand you could into whatever context would allow you to survive, regardless of the personal cost, the loss of dignity, the loss of personal space, loss of self-respect. You decided to live. You decided that your self-assigned task or vision is so important that you would do whatever it takes to make it through childhood.

And you did it. You got through the fifteen or so years needed to build up your energetic matrix to the point where you can start taking conscious responsibility for what you came here to do. But without authentic adulthood initiations you are stuck inside your resilient defense strategy, your Box. The Box could reasonably protect you the rest of your life. But this would be like a butterfly spending the rest of its days inside its chrysalis, never stepping out into the nothingness where it requires the use of its wings to fly.

If you imagine a butterfly after some years still compressed in its chrysalis trying to be itself and be in a relationship with another in a similarly unexpanded condition trying to be itself, you have a pretty accurate picture of our pitifully helpless condition, especially when it comes to creating vital, mutually transforming adult relationships.

Possibility Management is activated ecstasy for adults. But since modern culture does not produce initiated adults I was sent back to the drawing board to build bridges from modern culture to archearchal cultures both for myself and others. This is why we keep inventing adulthood initialization processes: so there are at least some adults to make use of Possibility Management.

Each archearchal initiation process sustainably moves one (or more) of your assemblage points away from the context of your mother and father, away from school and society, away from the traditions of your ancestors, away from any external official authority, and welds it directly into your own energetic center of being. The initiation welds that particular flux line for that particular aspect of life directly into your radically responsible center for the rest of your life. This is the difference. Indigenous culture puts your assemblage points into the tradition of the tribe. Then the tradition is responsible. Archearchal culture put your assemblage points into you own center. Then you are responsible.

With the assemblage point attached at your center you are at source. You are at cause. Your choices need no longer be buffered by reasons. You choose which culture you live in. If your actions happen to coincide with laws from some government or institution it is mere coincidence. The buck stops with you.

From then on, there is no one else to blame for the results you create and experience. You gain access to the central fulcrum, radical responsibility. With your own will and intention as the lever, you can ongoingly reshape your world. This is the beginning of what Possibility Management can offer you.


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