What is really going on?

  • Feelings

    Healing With Clarity

    Four feelings, three worlds, two dramas, and one truth, from Possibility Management Theories about the cause and healing of disease abound. Without attacking or defending any particular theory we can add dimensions to our healing…

  • Initiation

    Feeding Your Heart And Soul

    Are you a soul person or a heart person? Here is how to tell the difference. Modern culture is missing a thought-map. A missing thought-map can undermine your relationship or your career the same way…

  • Next Culture

    Facing Into The Storm

    It’s a tough situation, wanting to expand and clarify your understanding in a culture that thrashes you daily with a tornado of news and advertisements trying only to keep you weak and confused. What can…

  • Relationship

    Exploring New Lands Of Relationship

    Our culture teaches that there is only one domain of relatedness: ordinary human relationship. However, through personal exploration, I can tell you that there are at least two additional lands: the extraordinary and the archetypal.…

  • Initiation

    We Seem To Have Forgotten

    For 40,000 years human beings knew that children do not become adult except through formidable initiatory processes. We seem to have forgotten. Responsibility is applied consciousness. An initiatory process is the activation procedure for bringing…

  • Feelings

    Depression Is A Mixed Feeling

    Here are 2 perhaps quite useful bits of information for anyone thinking about depression: 1. We’ve been discovering (in our 40 years of experimentation in Possibility Management) that depression can be experienced by mixing two…

  • Relationship

    Gorilla Basics

    I want to clear up once and for all any misconceptions about human beings having similarities to the race of gorillas. The clarification is scientific. Human beings are not like gorillas. No. Human beings are…

  • Next Culture

    100 Million Nanonations

    A superstition is an easy-to-understand concept that has no basis in reality. Believing a superstition blocks the perception of more useful possibilities. But superstitions are not called superstitions until they are recognized as superstitions. Before…

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