Emotional Empowerment

How to heal your emotions and use your feelings as a resource

Emotional Empowerment
February 11, 2017 Patrizia Patz

Feelings and emotions are part of our every day life. Sometimes we are supposed to show them, sometimes we are supposed to hide them – in other words, to control our emotions. But when we look at it soberly, we are emotionally illiterate. We don’t really know what to do with feelings.

Why have we forgotten how to deal with them? Or have we just never learned?

Patz’s book provides answers to these questions. Because in order to come to our senses again, we need a different attitude towards feelings. They can be a gateway and a tool for manipulation. Or a catalyst of our innermost being and thus a source of empowerment. But without awareness, we have no choice. Only when we know our feelings do we gain clarity and are able to take responsibility to change something. Patz’s book relentlessly dispels outdated myths about feelings and shows practical and attractive ways to live our authentic potential.

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