Kaleidoscope through Possibility Management

  • Expand The Box – Modern Initiation Work

    Possibility Management offers initiatory trainings designed to empower activists and next culture pioneers to connect with their essence and to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: their own voice, their own center, their own feelings, and their own authority.

  • Expand The Box – Learning What You Need In Life

    A life-changing experience! In a safely held space you gradually leave behind illusions, beliefs, dependencies, and patterns that you unconsciously adopted from others or from your childhood, and you begin to unfold your own life’s rich possibilities!

  • Possibility Lab

    Here are a few scenes to give you a sense of the safety, empowerment and transformational processes which we provide for each other in the adult initiatory experiences during a Possibility Lab.

  • Introducing Possibility Management

    Get inspired by Possibility Management to find your true vocation and your inner fire.

  • Authentic Feelings Work

    How much heartache could be avoided if there were “feelings lessons” in school where we could learn how to deal with our feelings. Feelings are no design error from God. In fact you can learn how to feel consciously, and then in the second step invite your feelings into your life so you don’t only have the information of your mind available but also the wisdom and energy of your feelings.

  • Clinton’s Message to Youth

    “Doing what you are supposed to do is not going to deliver your life to you. The way to deliver your life is doing what you are passionate about… let the inner volcano explode. The world will catch you.”

  • Transformation on Stage

    This video gives a quick impression of how Possibility Management Coaching works. The demonstration was filmed during a talk given 6 March 2015 by Marion and Clinton Callahan in Berlin.

  • Archetypal Lineage

    This is an excerpt of a talk titled Living Rather Than Surviving: Getting Out of the Stranglehold of Patterns and Blocks given 6 March 2015 by Clinton and Marion Callahan at UFA Fabrik in Berlin. Towards the end of the talk, a woman in the audience asks for further clarity about the term “archetypal lineage.” The answer was big.

  • Take Your Kids Out Of School

    Original and captivating talk full of energy with Clinton and Marion Callahan during the Wege in die Freiheit (Ways into Freedom) Congress November 2015 in Stuttgart about educational freedom.

  • Possibility Couple Coaching

    This video was made during an evening workshop given in July 2015 by Marion and Clinton Callahan in Munich, Germany. It provides a vivid impression of how Possibility Coaching works for Couples.

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