I am an Evolutionary Edgeworker building bridges to next regenerative cultures.

For many years I thought that I was “a scientist”, or “academic teacher” - now I know that these were just one-body rough approximations of who I am. And all this time there was a part in me shouting “Something completely different from this is possible right now!” (it is still there even now when I write these words). To make it more fun, recently I also discovered that being a PM Trainer is just another aspect of me. What comes next?

In Possibility Management I discovered that it is OK not to know. That I can start speaking not knowing the rest of the sentence. That I can fly in weightlessness without making sense. And the most important thing - that this life is not about ME (which ‘me’ you should ask). Imagine the liquid state of my academic Box experiencing that the less I control the situation, the more bright principles of Life, Transformation and Creation flow into the space.

As a Trainer I am in service of Evolution, Community and Clarity.

My job is to go beyond the horizon and set a camp there. A base camp, from which you can take your next step - climb this magnificent peak waiting for you. I love creating spaces in which Beings meet and shine, in which a group becomes a community. It is high time for this kind of spaces to exist on each corner of our cities, in every school, every office  - this is why I am committed to training other Edgeworkers.

I am also a bridge to the next regenerative culture. I am co-creating OSADA - Center For Regenerative Living, in which it is OK to be a human being , a co-evolving part of Life on this planet.  We, humans, are going through an initiatory process of growing up and finding a more responsible way of living on this planet. And we may die in the process. I am curious what is on the other side.

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