Possibility Management has influenced my life in ways that have profoundly changed how I relate to my family, my friends, my work and informed me how I want to spend every second from here on: being a responsible adult holding journeying spaces to grow up in company of other Beings. Through discovering the tools to retrieve the treasures from our underworld and crafting the gears to go up the mountain for the breathtaking view as well as to travel back down to the ordinary world, I find the way back to where we can embody our path of evolution and consciousness.


While being a professional musician for since I remember, a Music teacher for 40 years, and a member of an intentional community for 30 years, I have been the father of a loving young man and traveled around the world playing, exploring and experimenting with friends, teachers, gurus, and communities until I walked through the back door of Possibility Management where I could become, and still am becoming, an Apprentice, a bridge to Next-Cultures Builder, a translator of the painful messages of Gaia, an Adult.





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