The path to find my purpose has been wrinkled and definitely not linear and is still unfolding and hopefully won't stop until I die. And beyond. I started my discovery by leaving my my birth country Chile with 18 to go to Germany where I studied Theatre and played for many years until the Counselling Study me out from stage. The context of Possibility Management opened a door to go to the most deepest transformational processes that I ever could imagine.

I’m a passionate relationship researcher and believe in the ability to create sustainable relationships. With ourself, others and the world. It’s not always easy and not always nice and is definitely worth the effort!
I take a stand for the magic of human consciousness and our capacity to make from life heaven or hell. Nothing that ever happened in the past can prevent you to be present now.

Since 2015 I live in New Zealand and I am rediscovering what life is about!


Spain, German, English


New Zealand

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