As a trainer, I serve people by helping weave connections and encourage people to engage in personal growth. With the power of heart and experience, I create safe and respectful spaces where people can authentically encounter their own lives.


German, English


Würzburg, Germany | Seattle, USA

Cle Elum, WA, USA


Cle Elum, WA, USA


Arnstein-Halsheim, Germany


For me the way is the goal and a steady career

  • to learn to love myself.
  • to accept all my weaknesses and strengths, listening to the voice of my heart and using the tools of Possibility Management for clear distinctions.
  • to experience trust in non-knowledge and transformation.
  • as a woman, mother of 3 adult children, dancer (healing powers in the dance), girlfriend and as a human becoming part of a larger one.
  • to learn that we need the community of people to heal.

I look forward to seeing you ... in the training room with trainer colleagues or in individual coaching, which I particularly love. Meet me personally, or even through the possibility of the Internet via Skype or WhatsApp. Especially if you are dealing with addiction and addiction issues, you are in the right place with me.

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