Sometimes my own pain forces me to let go of previous ideas and concepts. Someone reflects my behavior and I see how suppressing my pain all this time has caused me to make an error in expressing how much I love someone, or how much I love the Earth. When my pain becomes conscious there is a gasp of relief, a flowering of new perspectives. I hear that same gasp from other people now, the ones going through processes in our trainings. I shake my head wondering why it took me so long to get here. How much I wish this for other men, especially the younger men. I have two grown sons.


German, English


Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

The thoughtmaps of Possibility Management have helped me so much. As an entrepreneur I trained myself to look for common ground in opposites, for the differences in similarities – to see and to communicate about the nature of complex interrelations in a simple and lively way. Now I navigate these fine energies in people and between them in their relationships. I can help find the way through. What marvelously complex and flexible things we are, so ripe with unseen possibilities that can manifest our true and wished-for deep goodness. It is such an honor to request and accompany human evolution.

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