Trainer for Possibility Management and Feelings Practitioner,
Healer Practitioner, Osteopath

Love * Healing * Transformation * Dignity




Wertheim, Germany

I feel people’s potentials and their uniqueness, but also their blocks. My own childhood gave me enough substance for an interesting healing journey. Whenever I undo a knot in myself people approach me needing exactly my new knowhow. This excites me! If it is true that we project our inner world on to the outer world then each individual needs healing in all 4 bodies.


I deeply sense that implementing a sustainable, creative, and responsible new culture starts with ourselves and requires tools. Possibility Management gives me extraordinary tools for helping people unfold, heal, and reconcile with themselves and their environment. For the last 25 years I have been a self-employed therapist and coach. I developed 4-Body Osteopathy for adults and children, and provide a safe space for people to be vulnerable, have novel experiences, and find the courage to transform their shadows.

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