As a researcher of life I am foolhardy enough to completely question my life again with 58 years. Who or what am I? How and with what am I making my so-called living? What is relationship and how do I live it? What are the consequences if we keep exploiting our planet (incl. human beings) this way? And – can I make a difference at all?




Hofstetten/Landsberg am Lech, Germany

After some activities in gastronomy, IT business, energy industry, as a trainer & coach, and in bodywork I participated 2012 in my first Possibility Training (Expand The Box). From then on new doors have been opening up every day. Innumerable new possibilities. What I received are invaluable treasures for my life and bright future prospects also for our planet. And the answer to the question, “Can I make any difference?” is Yes, and preferably together with you!!
Together with my wife Martina I support people these days who are seeking new possibilities in the areas of “relationship”, “profession/vocation”, “being a man”, “being a woman”. And people who like to make a contribution for something bigger. Through training, coaching, and researching together we learn to create and implement new possibilities.
My motto: Creating something new with love, lightness, heart contact, joy, clarity, wisdom, and humor, so that we create a sustainable habitat on this beautiful Earth which leaves us and our descendants all possibilities for unfolding our destiny.

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