Colleagues and clients appreciate my big heart and flood of compassion that I have for my counterparts. Using very subtle distinctions I support people to get clarity about their emotions. By doing so, I provide safe spaces where you can BE with everything that wants to be seen and healed. During the process I trust my impulses to find blockages and give you feedback and coaching for next possible steps.


German, English


Eußenheim near Würzburg, Germany

Berlin, Germany


Blaue Blume Festival, Germany


Flötzlingen, Germany


Nürnberg, Germany


Arnstein-Halsheim, Germany


Flötzlingen, Germany


My professional paths are versatile yet related. I have always taken the next step when I felt a new calling inside me or life gently pointed me to my purpose.

That's exactly what makes me me. I have a great deal of organizational and communication talent that I was able to explore and expand during my time as a project manager and marketing expert in the corporate world. Through further education and training in the psychological field, I have rediscovered and developed my already existing skills as a listener and creator of new possibilities. With the help of tools from Possibility Management I coach and train my clients in a very practical way. With my work I want to support you to discover your inner resources, to make new decisions and to take responsible self-leadership.

Courage * Clarity * Joy * Connection  * Inspiration

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  • RenateGermany
    Lisa has the right words and far-reaching possibilities for every situation / topic. She can empathize very well, deliberately asks smart questions and moderates the round skillfully and with charm. Seriousness, humor and lightness have a place in our meetings. A great woman!
  • KlausGermany
    Lisa enables me to look beyond the limitations of my box. With great sensitivity she encourages me to tackle even difficult topics within the team. It opens a space in which I can openly speak of what pleases and oppresses me, how I grow and how I fail. Her interventions are well-dosed, yet very clear and helpful - for both the individual and the entire team. From each meeting of the team I am enriched with new perspectives and inspired to new action home.
  • BirgitGermany
    I met Lisa in a phase of life in which, for years suppressed, rage has dominated me so acutely that I did not know what to do with pain. In working with Lisa, I was able to give this feeling space, finally let it out; to feel in depth what hurts and where the origin is. Thanks to Lisa's guidance, backing and tools, it has given me a great deal of liberation on my way, for which I would probably have needed months longer without Lisa's help. It has changed in retrospect the stressful feeling... the anger has changed... in a healthy feeling, in positive power. Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful experience!
  • MajaGermany
    Lisa is empathic and has a keen sense for people. She gives appropriate impulses which help me to get to know and develop myself. Lisa is authentic and that's what fascinates me most about her: she lives courageously and freely what she conveys.