I used to be a master in foisting my problems onto circumstances and other people until I met Clinton Callahan and Possibility Management in 2005. The trainings lifted one veil after another, strengthened me in welcomed but unfamiliar ways, and connected me – with my family, my friends, with people who I happened to meet, and most of all: with myself. This newly encountered person asked questions that I didn’t dare to think up before. She found joy in making courageous decisions. The nice-girl mask got more and more dusty until an authentic and heartful voice said good-bye to a life employed as a manager's assistant.


German, English


Berlin, Germany

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to keep my so-called “secure” job. But a warrioress has awoken, replacing patience-for-mediocrity with a flaming vision for serving the world. These days I can be startled about what comes out of my mouth. I move before I have time to think up reasons why I shouldn’t do it, and then I find myself in a new circumstance, with new friends and opportunities I would not have been able to think up for myself. I am being moved. The freedom I see and hear in the responsible adults around me inspires me to do whatever I can so that others get the same chances I've had.
I am committed to building up ongoing learning fields, to making the invisible visible, to enabling what may seem at first to be impossible, and to initiating people into a self-determined adult life.

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