Very early on, before I was ten, I started asking questions about life and death and sense of life. With 24 years I became self-employed and have been an entrepreneur since then in different branches.
It was in 2001 when I encountered Possibility Management knowing in that moment that I had found my home. Since my first training I was not stoppable anymore in translating everything I could get in my fingers from English to German and thus making Possibility Management available to the German speaking public through both written and spoken translation, including seven books.


German, English, Italian


Polling near Mühldorf, Germany


Did my former questions get answered? Yes and no. On the one hand I went through indescribable transformation processes and became the answer to many of my questions. And on the other side I sometimes feel like the more I learn the bigger the unknown gets at the same time.
Knowing that the culture – no matter which one – is an arbitrarily invented story, I feel the exigency to co-create a culture that works for human beings AND the planet. And no matter what kind of an amazing straw-bale-rammed-earth house I build for myself, no matter how sustainable my energy supply is or how abundantly my organic vegetables are growing in the greenhouse, if I don’t start with myself and become aware of my unconscious behaviors, concepts, and thought patterns, all the talk about global change is useless and it just doesn’t work in the long run. So: How do I intelligently start and keep evolving myself?
I love our mother Earth and often I weep away when I see how big chunks of pristine nature get transformed into marketplaces. I see a world in which archetypally initiated women and men creatively collaborate in novel cultures that emerge from new ways of thinking. Natural balance together with natural beauty would then find easefully its way back into every day life.

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